devasena from Baahubali-2

10 Awesome Female Telugu Movie Characters who smashed the stereotypes

Now, I’m not saying that every woman has to be an astronaut, or a scientist, but a lot of  movies seem to consistently assume that the only thing women can do well is being  all” nicey, smiley or pretty”. That’s why they need big, smart men to help them escape their distress or their own stupidity.

For those of you movie-watchers who are tired of girls being damsels in distress, I’ve put together a list(in no order) of some smart and sassy telugu female leads who have some brains behind their beauty.,

  1. DEVASENA (Played by Anushka Shetty), BaahuBali – 2

Devasena from Bahubali 2

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Devasena? Let me say it once again. Are you feeling sad and let down by all the “cliched”female leads out there? Do you get enraged when strong female leads become all docile and domesticated by the end? If so, You. Must. Watch. This. Movie. Devasena will never let you down with her fire and sass that miraculously last from her first appearance onscreen all the way through the last few seconds of the series.

2. CHITRA (Played by Ritu Varma), PelliChoopulu

Chitra is a smart, confident, straight-forward, responsible and independent woman who has got a clear idea of what she can or wants to achieve!! Despite the constant obstacles (be it ridicule by her father,  wrong turn of events with her ex-boyfriend, Having to deal with the laziness of Prashanth and his friends), she refuses to surrender and continues to pursue her goals. In fact there is a time when Prashanth is so awe-struck with her determination that he goes to her father and claims that if ever he gets a child, he would want her to be like Chitra

3. DIVYA (Played by Malavika Nair), Kalyana Vaibhogame

I love when drama characters feel like real humans with real flaws, and that’s Divya for sure. She’s a smart, capable doctor who refuses to give up on her goals just because she is a girl, but she’s also vulnerable in realistic ways(when it comes to standing up against her father) that make her stand apart from completely sweet female leads.

4. SHWETHA (Played by Adah Sharma), Kshanam


Now, I do realize that Shwetha is one of those cliched “nice” characters in the beginning, But when things take a turn for the worst She doesn’t back-away !! Despite her husband and other characters trying to manipulate her and pressure her making everyone believe that her mental condition is unstable, She declines to acknowledge that Ria is imaginary!! (Although I would’ve preferred if she didn’t commit suicide and kept fighting for the truth despite who believes,)For a cliched “nice” girl, She remained courageous and kept fighting for the most part of the movie. I’ll give her that!

5. NAZIRA (Played by Nithya Menon), Malli Malli Idi Raani Roju

Nitya Menon from Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju

Nazira is just as strong as any other female leads we’re discussing here but just in a different way! Unlike the other leads, who’s focus is about independence or capability, (maybe she has all that! We’re just stressing on a different strong point of her’s) Nazira is strong when it comes to standing  by her values and morals, to the point that she’s even willing to let go of the person she loved so much just to abide by them!

6. MEGHANA (Played by Bhumika), Missamma 2003  

Bhumika from Missamma

Meghana is a complicated, conniving, and charismatic and totally challenges the idea of a damsel in distress. As much as the director tried to distract me a with a bunch of other Characters, Meghana easily stole the show with a character who was not only one of the most interesting antagonists (turned Protagonist)I’ve seen in a telugu movie, but also one of the best female characters, period.

7. ARUNDHATI(Played by Anushka Shetty), Arundhati


If you want to watch a Horror Movie with a Strong female Lead! You should go right ahead and watch this!! People who can’t watch horror , you might not want to watch this Movie!! Arundhati is a Queen who is talented, Gifted and obviously cares about her kingdom and her people enough to sacrifice herself for their well-being!

8. DIVYANKA (Played by Rakul Preet Singh), Nannaku Prematho

Divya is just the right amount of sweet and sassy !!  She’s smart when she wants to be and stands her ground when she crosses paths with Abhiram. I just love how she isn’t afraid of taking up his challenges, Knowing his plans ahead and laying down obstacles for whatever Abhiram might’ve been planning.

9. MEENA KUMARI (Played by Hebah Patel), Kumari 21F

Kumari is a struggling model who is bold, daring and free-spirited ! She is the ideal character who proves that No-one should ever judge anyone based on looks alone and who breaks the strange stereotypical belief and proves that women being fashionable, bold and daring doesn’t mean she’s fine with tolerating or accepting your sexual advances, It just means you are not mature enough to understand it.

10. RAMESHWARI (Played by Ritika Singh), GURU  

Guru Rithika and Venkatesh

Rameshwari is Bold, Smart, Hard-working, Confident although she could be pretty mischievous at times.I personally haven’t seen this movie yet, So, my opinion is completely is based on what I’ve heard from the people who’ve watched it already! But I really did like the plot and heard a lot of  positive reviews from a lot of my friends who insisted that she should be on this list !

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