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20 Types of friends we all have

Friendship is a strange thing!! You just pick a human you’ve met and You go like “Yep! I like this one, Let’s do all weird stuff together!!”

So, Today let’s look at the different types of friends You may encounter in the future or are probably in your Squad !!!

1. The Gossip Girl

We all have that one friend who loves gossip!! Speaking of secrets, this is the friend that knows everything about everyone. Anytime you want to know whats going on with so and so, you call her.

2. The Parent Character

We all have this friend who is more bent towards being your parent than your friend., They keep saying things like — “Hey! Puts some coats on! It’s cold out there”, “Dear, Don’t waste time, You’ve exams coming up!!” ,”Don’t stay out too late!! It’s Dangerous!!” But You know deep down that you can always rely on them when you need some advice!

3. The Selfie friend

This friend is super obsessed with his Social media accounts (FB, Instagram, Snapchat) whatever! They just keep taking hundreds of pictures every hour just to post 1-damn-picture!!  You are sure to get your patience levels tested especially if you are alone with them!!

4. The Sarcastic One

These friends are just too full of Witty remarks and comical punchlines. Their Puns aren’t always necessarily funny but they are just brutally sarcastic!!

5. The Know-it-all

This person is quick to interrupt your actions or your comments on-just about everything you might say or do, only to disapprove your ways  and try to correct you with their own views on the topic

You: “I think she needs some tylenol and-” 

Your Know-it-All friend: “No, No !! When someone feels that way, you need to get them some ice-cream” 

6. The Sweet-Helping-One

We all have this one friend who is just literally the nicest person in the world!! She’s the friend who comes over when you’re sick. She’s happy to write your notes for you. She’s the friend who organizes your locker just because you feel to lazy to tackle it! Even though you wish to be more like her, you can’t always hang out with her because you feel like a jerk comparatively.

7. The Great Listener

This person is just too patient and is  always there for you when you need someone to Vent your issues!!

8. The Planner

This is the person who plans A-Z everything (be it a party, Hangout, the whole day).  Like what time everyone should get started, where should they meet, where should they go after that, Where should they have their lunch and everything else!!

9. The Late One

He is the friend who is always “on the way”, always late, and whom the planner friend has to specifically warn (Not to be late) after he lays out the detail.

10. The Brutally-Honest-One

Now, I’d say this friend is unnecessarily Honest!! I mean we don’t need Honesty all the time!! We just wanna hear good things about “How silky our hair is” NOT  “How our hairstyle makes our face look longer” (* I swear ! They can be so much brutal than this!!  I just didn’t have the heart to be that rude*)

11. The Fitness-Freak

These friends just won’t let you enjoy a freakin’ Pizza!!! Not only will they show up with some greens and cucumbers, But they will also Go On and On about the amount of calories you are about to consume Or How you should You would be better off taking the stairs instead of the elevator and stuff …

12. The Work One

Not really friends outside of work, but during the hours of 9am – 5pm, you are best friends. You bond over lunch, talk about that person on your team you both hate, and nominate each other for awards.

13. The Clean-freak

This friend is so obsessed with sanitary, They actually go ballistic if you try to share some of your street food which is maybe wrapped in some paper.

14. The Career-driven-One

This friend is constantly working. It doesn’t matter if you have gone to Orlando or Paris for a city break, they will still check over the daily sales forecast, attend meetings online and continue to work through the vacation.


The friend who never Shuts -Up!!!

16. The tries-to-crack-a-joke but fails friend

This friend has access to all these unlimited lame jokes which he tries to release one by one according to how the situation may demand ! Except they’re lame and hence not funny!! This friend laughs at his own jokes and pout if you don’t go along with him!

17. The Hungry one

Loves food!! Doesn’t matter if we are in the classroom or a Movie Theater or shopping  in a Mall!! It doesn’t even matter if we just had lunch!! This friend always needs something to munch on !! He knows the newest and delicious food place that have opened within a ten-mile radius. Will never share food, and will fight you if you try to steal a chip or a nut from them.

18. The ChildHood friend

Obviously!! She’s one of your Very Very Best Friends!!

19. The Wild one

This friend can convince you into doing  things like stealing  a hot dog , sneaking out in the middle of a class, making prank calls together. This friend is also most likely to be hated by your parents. It’s amazing that they aren’t in prison.

20. The HOT & COLD ONE

The friend who constantly fights with you over the silliest things.., But you know no matter how much he may be teasing you, he will always surrender and be there for you when you are in trouble.,


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