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5 Things that guys do unintentionally that makes girls skip a beat:


We absolutely love that part of your wrist especially when you put on your watches !!

Roll-up Sleeves:

Woah!! Don’t ask me why!! Cuz’ I don’t really know why, but somehow it gives of this dreamy vibe when you do that!

Your Cologne:

Now! we may not fawn all over you like shown in different commercials (*cough* axe *cough*) ! But we really do like how you smell when you put on some perfume!

Little acts of caring:

Its the little things that u do that counts the most!! We absolutely adore you,when you act all protective !! Could be .., when you take the heavy bags from us Or when u walk on the that side of the road cuz’ ur afraid if some car might run over us(he he cute.,) Or even when you stand up againist someone who is trying to bully us !! Like it is the most natural thing in the world (Awwwww…,) Makes us feel like so….. Loved!!

Act Silly:

So, There’s a time when I was feeling all dull and gloomy about something!! My Guy-Friend came to me and [suddenly] started telling me all these lame jokes (and made a few funny faces)., All the while I can’t help but think “Awww!! I never knew that he could be this cute!!!”

We do understand that you Guys want to act all cool and composed especially in front of women (that you love)! You may not believe this but Girls Love it when your acting silly !! We find you awfully ado……….rable!!!!

Bonus :

When you’re all Suited Up !!!

So, There!! Those are the 5 of the many things A guy do that makes a girl’s heart skip a beat !!

If you want to view more things guys do that makes girls go frenzy with excitement click on this line!!!!!

If you can come up with any other gestures like this.., that I haven’t mentioned make sure to let us know in the comment section!!


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