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Ridiculous things Guys say to Girls Before (*cough*Arranged *ugh) Marriage

Arranged marriage meetings are EVER happening Events in India.It is safe to say that they’ll remain popular for a really long time.

Although Finding the perfect One is just Awesome, It could really be a tiring and painful process till you find that ONE!! (*Ya’Know, Going through 100’s of profiles, meeting them & their parents, answering their ridiculous questions ., all that*)

I recently came across a few women who are in search of their potential mate, and  have to go through that painful process of meeting a whole  number of guys.,(matrimonial meetings)

Well sure, there were several Smart Men, Hot Guys and Tall guys with interesting backgrounds!! But the One’s who really stood-out are the men who let some really dumb stuff fall out of their mouths.

Not Only are they stupid, But they are insanely hilarious !! I actually found myself saying ” Did they really say that out-loud?? ”

Here are some of those absurd stuff

1. Guy: Are you willing to wear a Saree? (Everyday, For the rest of your life?!)

 Her: Well of-course NOT!! Firstly, I don’t know how to put it on without help, Secondly – I can’t walk in it.., Finally – NO Not gonna happen

2. Guy: I’ve seen you wearing Jeans and One pieces in few of your pictures!

 Her: You did!!?? Don’t I just look terrific in them!?  FYI – I am an NRI!! Not wearing them would be totally weird !

3. Guy: Do you have FaceBook Account? If yes, How many guys are in your Account??

   Her: (*WHAT THE HELL!!*) I for one never really bothered to count them!!

4. Guy’s Mom: Isn’t your daughter short? She looks a little short! I mean my Son is really tall !! So..

   Her Mother: Well For One My daughter is pretty, young, cute and rich (your son is neither of those things!) So, she doesn’t need to be tall is what we think!

5. Guy: Are you left-handed or right??

    Her: right! whyyyy…?

Guy: Well I don’t like left-handed people so!!!

Her: Aww! Too bad I don’t like people who say that!!

6. Guy: Can you Cook? (*Looking for a maid perhaps!*)

   Her: Ya! I can cook some easy dishes!

Guy: I am a fond of sweets(*some sweet*)! Do you know how to make   them??

Her: No I don’t! I don’t like Sweets!

 Guy: You should ask my mom!! She’ll teach you how to make them, So you can make them for me later!!!

 Her: The Hell I will!! Did you ever plan on learning to make them yourself ??

7. Guy: How much do you weigh?

8. Are planning on changing your hair-color to Original?

9. Guy: Are u planning to grow your Hair? I like girls with long hair So!!

     Her: I actually like my hair just the way it is!!

10. Guy: You look so much like my sister! I remember her every-time I see you!!

    Her:  (* And Yet! You thought of dating me??*)

11. Guy: WHY? WHY? WHY?? Why are you interested in marrying me? You can do better right!!? I just don’t get it!!

Her: (*I am very sorry to have shown interest in you!! * I promise not to do again!!*)

12. Guy: I just want you to take care of my parents and siblings after marriage!! 

Well! This isn’t exactly ridiculous or hilarious but It just makes you look like a Jerk who is trying to take advantage of her kindness!! Lemme tell you how., Firstly –> You didn’t assure that You will take care of her and her parents., Secondly –> You didn’t care to ask her opinion first (How very Rude!!) and Finally -> You’re irrational,  immature and a hypocrite !!

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