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10 Things Guys do when they really like you

Unlike Women, Men are not known for being expressive when it comes to  showing their feelings. It is rather hard for them (now, not all men but for most) to show that they are really really into you.

The signs he likes you aren’t always obvious — or even particularly romantic.,

Often, the signs a guy likes you are vague and confusing. Sometimes, you practically wish that you could use a thing like encyclopedia that helps you figure out what’s going in his mind!

In this article, we are going to look at a few among the variety of ways a guy will show that he is into you.,

So, let’s get started …,

Glances at you when you aren’t looking :

He could be glancing at your pictures in Social media or even directly towards you (of course when you aren’t looking), Its kinda cute how most Guys can’t take their eyes off of the girl they like.,

Looks away when you see him:

Like I said, Guys like to look at the girl they like so much(and not in a creepy way), Sometimes they even zone out looking at you!!!!, But then again, when you happened to notice him staring, They suddenly get aware of their surroundings, realize they are staring at you, Get all shy , and look away.

He’d love to tease you (of course in a friendly way):

Yes, You’ve read it correct, When a guy likes a girl he tries to get her attention by all means that he might even tease you(in a friendly way of course ) about stupid little things ( could be about your favorite bands or movies or your collection of teddy bears or even your little fantasies whatever).

He’d come up with a nickname for you:

He comes up with a weird nickname for you., And not just that! He might even start calling you with that nickname all the time whether you like it or not ( Ya’Know, just to tease you a little bit more ).

He’ll keep talking dumb things to you:

He will want to talk to you, But he doesn’t know about what!!! So,You might find him bugging you,by talking about dumb things, or sharing gossip. He does that just so he can keep talking to you!!

He’ll tell his friends about you:

When a guy likes a girl, the first thing he does is that he tells his friends about how he likes you, or how much he wants to talk to you, or what he likes in you., all that stuff!!

His friends will annoy you (and that too a lot) huff…:

Yeah! You’ve got it correct!! Now that his friends knew that he likes you, Obviously,They start telling you all nice(y) things about him!!, or annoy you by calling his & your names when you’re around him or when he’s chatting with you etc!!.

He’ll give you obvious Hints:

Yes!! Although He might not say he likes you directly!., He will try to drop obvious hints about what he is what he likes in a girl ( like a girl who’s got your hair, your eyes or your personality! ) Couldn’t be more obvious!!

Knows your favorite things:

Now this is Sweet …Yes!! He will somehow find out everything about Your likes., (like what’s your favorite ice cream or your favorite genre or books or places etc). He might even Go ahead and say that those are his favorites too (just to get on your good side)!!

He always wants to sit beside you:

He always wants to be near you either by sitting besides you during that lunch or By becoming your lab-partner! Sometimes He might even volunteer to walk you home!!

So, These are the few things that I know, A guy does when he likes you, If you wanted to add any more to this list ! Please do let me know in the comments section! And I’ll make sure to mention some of them in my next post!!

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