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Things Indian Mothers Say Almost every single day

Truth be told, a lot of things Indian Parents Often say are weighed with negative undertones., But at the same time, what they say can be rather humorous.

So, let’s take a look at the typical things every MOM out there says almost everyday. Before we dive in I just wanna make sure you understand that although somethings that moms say can be extra-dramatic and down-right rude., They do love us more than anything in the world!!  It’s just that their way of expressing love isn’t too sweet all the time and that’s what were talking about here.,

So get ready to MISS YOUR MOM !!


First things First!! We alll Know, Indian parents stress SOOO… Much on education, exams, Ranks, Grades, Percentages and whatever else is related to these terms


(i) ME: (*Scores 80% on a test *)

MOM: What???? NOT EVEN 90%?? I am NOT Satisfied!!! I’ll have to lecture you for 2 hours!!

ME: (*Scores 90% in next Test)

MOM: WHAT??? NOT EVEN 95% ???I don’t even know why you’re going to School!!, At least learn to wash dishes properly, Cuz’ That’s the only way you can make a living!!, I can totally see that!! You deserve a lecture of 4 hrs!!

ME: (*Scores 99% in next-next Test *)

MOM: HOW IN THE WORLD DID YOU LOSE THAT 1 %?? How could you make such a STUPID Mistake??? I am NOT Satisfied!! You deserve a lecture for 8hrs straight!!

                         (And by that she means any score which isn’t 100%)

(ii) ME: Mom, I am a little Bored!!

 MOM: You’re Bored??? Take out your books and Study

                                              (tell me about it!!)

(iii) MOM: When I was your Age., I had to walk more than 20 miles, climb up a            hill and cross a few hurdles (*all without any slippers*) to go to school   –>            (every Mom ever!!)

(iv) ME: Ma, I love you!! <3  <3  <3

     MOM: Hugh!! If you study and rank 1st I love you too!!


(v) MOM: Study Hard NOW!! Play Later when you are like 40 or So!

                         (Hopefully if you can still run when ur 40!)

(vi) ME: Mom, I feel sick!! I think I’ll stay home today!!  (*switches on TV *)

      MOM:  You’re too sick to study or go to school but not sick enough to               watch TV? or play Games ??  TURN-IT-OFF !

The Routine

Typical Indian parents don’t usually want us to try new things but prefer us to stick to the tried and tested routine.


(vii) ME: Mom! I think I wanna be a Singer!!

     MOM: NO, NO!!! You go for Doctor.

      (*few years later*)

  ME: I think I wanna be a Lawyer!!

MOM: Lawyer’s fine!! But you go for a Doctor first! You can become a              Lawyer Later!!


(viii) ME: (*Morning*)  Mom, I am going on a diet this week!

       MOM: Okay!

          (* afternoon *)

   MOM: I’ve made some potatoes and rice for your lunch

   ME: But Ma!! I am on diet

   MOM: What’ wrong with potatoes and rice??? They’re all healthy!!

   ME: But they’ve got Carbs!!!

MOM: WTH??? I don’t care!! You keep thinking of ways to avoid my cooking!! All you have to do is avoid that freakin’ junk food and you’ll be fine!!! And Just so you know I am not Looking after you, if you fall sick with these crazy diets you go on!!


Other General stuff they say

(ix)  MOM: SHUT UP!!  * Starts Lecturing and Scolding*

     ME: *silent* 

   MOM: Why aren’t you responding?? Am I talking to a brick Wall?

   ME: ( * But you said Shut up *)  -__-   OwwwKayyy..!!

                                      (But, I am just obeying you)

(x) ME: *Litters something by accident *

   MOM: Awesome Job!! Why don’t you go ahead and throw the other things on the floor too?? It’s like the only reason for my existence is to clean up after your mess!!


(xi) ME: Mom! I am not feeling well

   MOM: what happened to you? You were fine yesterday!

     ME: I have headache and I feel Nauseous

   MOM : It is because of your mobile phone which you use all day

    ME: Mom! its not like that

   MOM: You keep quiet you don’t know anything

                     (And Weirdly enough she does!!)

(xii)   MOM: * Goes through my Phone *

     MOM: Why are there pictures of Guys in your Phone??

      ME : WHA?? Ohhhh!! That’s cuz they uploaded pictures into their       profiles and Coz’ I’ve added them as Friends, Their pictures show up on my      phone!!      ( FACEBOOK )

 MOM: WTH are you babbling??? Anyway don’t talk to boys.,Don’t you watch News??? They’re dangerous!!

                                            (Okay!If you say so!)

(xiii) MOM: Do you need Money???

       ME: Well, I could use some money!!

  MOM: How the Hell do you manage to spend money so Quickly, You     Moron??

(I really have no idea!)

MOM: Do you think Money is growing on trees?


MOM: I don’t care what everyone else Does! I Only care what You Do!! 


MOM: I didn’t ask who put it there, I said  PICK-IT-UP!!!!


MOM: I hope Someday, You have kids Just like yourself!!! 

P.S – To all the MOMS out there, WE LOVE YOU!!!

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