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Types of Men You’d rather NOT date EVER

Before we get into any of this, I just wanted to say One thing!! Girls, You are Awesome!! You’re pretty, strong , responsible, independent and You definitely deserve someone who is capable of appreciating you just the way you are!!!

Now, I know that it’s really hard to find your Mr.Right., In fact it could get a little too frustrating to the point you actually start to think that it’s OK to settle down for a Jerk (ewww…) !! But you know what’s easy?? It’s easier to Avoid the bad guys and start with the elimination!! But how do you do it?? I mean Bad-Guys do not appear with ugly scars on their faces or with patches on their eyes (which they totally should!!) 

So, In this post we’ll see the kinds of guys you should start your elimination with! Let’s get started.., Shall WE !??

1.The Control Freak

Men who have high need for control can often be too extreme (freakish). He keeps trying to Dominate you in every (*Freakin’ *) Aspect! He will never leave a chance to show you down!! You find him correcting you all the time — (“You’re WRONG!! Don’t Suggest me on things You don’t know!! ). He keeps pointing out” flaws” in you and tries to change you into someone you’re not—(“Why do you wanna order Tea?? You should ask for Cold-Coffee like a Girl!!” ) You’re better off without him!! I’d say Put on your Heels, Pick up your Bag and show him how Unique you already are by walking out on Him.

2.The Over- Possessive One

I know it’s nice when your boyfriend gets jealous over you talking to another guy and is like “She’s mine Dude!” (*Awwww…It’s kinda cute, When He’s a little jealous *) But Guys who are Over-Possessive aren’t Cute!  In fact, they’re Mean Jerks and suspect every tiny thing You do!!  These Guys always wants to keep a track of– “Where you’ve been, Whom You’ve Met, What you’re doing now? Why the hell did you not text me back ?? Or How the hell do you know him?? “ Or God forbid Even Worse “Have you’ve been Fooling Around with him behind my back???? “ It doesn’t matter if you’re telling him the truth., He just cannot bring himself to believe you, He’ll just ruin your freedom and take away your personal space! and Girl, no matter how many times you may explain, or tell him you love him, He just cannot get it into his THICK SKULL! I’d say you’re better off without him!

3.The Rebound Guy

So, this is the Guy who has just been out of a serious romantic relationship. He’s sad, depressed and is in the process of getting her out of his head. His emotional stability is often Unstable! You might even find yourself questioning if you are a substitute to what he’s lost! Never date someone who has just been out of a relationship No matter how ready or Serious he might say he is.,

4.The Touchy- Feely Flirt

This one likes to touch…every now and then. This Guy just doesn’t understand the concept “Keep your Goddaamn….  Hands to yourself” He is obviously not interested in you, but only your body! He takes every chance to touch you and be CREEPY and GROSS!! Do yourself a favor and dump him because it won’t be so nice when he will get all touchy feely with other girls too.

5.The Drunk

And the reason is He’s a Drunk! He says he’s going to get over it.., But hey It’s a drunk talking about Quitting Drinking !!! I don’t think he even recollects saying that after he’s Sober!!

6.The Guy Who Never Shows Up

So, This Guy can be all charming, smart and Confident when you first met him, but this is how they work – They show you a good time! They Plan and Schedule another date and Invite you to a nice place!! But they never show-up!! (and they do it frequently!!), See, This Guy isn’t serious about you, I’d suggest do not waste your time and your feelings on him!!

7.The Narcissist

The world of the narcissist is all about good/bad, superior/inferior, and right/wrong. There is a definite hierarchy, with the narcissist at the top—which is the only place he feels safe. Narcissists have to be the best, the most right, and the most competent; do everything their way; own everything; and control everyone. It’s like you get to experience the whole Jerk Package if You date him!!! Girl., You can totally live without such experience (and that too in Peace!!)

8.The Brat

Despite the fact that this Guy is an Adult, He keeps acting like a little brat who’s going through adolescence!! They’re not serious about anything — career? Relationships? You just cannot tolerate their whining!!

9.The Lazy Free Loader

This Guy doesn’t act or whine like the brat guy, But just like him he’s not serious about building a career, He lives in the basement with his parents, He squanders away his time watching Netflix, Hulu, Playing games Online and Not thinking about what he’s wanting to become in future!! He might even plan on depending on you for the rest of his life!! Now, I am not talking about Guys who are going through a tough time building a career!! I am talking about those who say they’re having a tough time but never do anything about it!!

10.The Momma’s Boy

Now I know there’s a saying that you can judge a guy’s personality by the way he treats his mother., But there’s another saying that goes – “Too much of anything is Good for Nothing!!” A lot of Momma’s Boys are dependent on their mothers for everything!! They’re so used to their mothers — making their decisions for them that they depend on them for every tiny thing they’d have to choose!! Such Guys make you feel like you’re dating their mother but not them!!

11.The needy one

  (In case you’re wondering I’d totally date Chandler)

This Guy is fine until a certain point.., And by that I mean until he gets all clingy, needy and wants be the center of your world., He wants your attention all the time–(at home, at work, during a movie All-The-Time)! Its not a big deal if he wants some of your attention But what’s really frustrating is that he hates it when you give your attention to your work or when you are hanging out with your friends! He tries to invade your personal space  whether you like it or not.

12.The  “This-Is-A-Man’s Job-And-That-Is-A-Women’s-Job”  Guy

(I can’t understand how they can’t like strong women? I mean look at Yang)

These Guys have this weird obnoxious belief system which says “Only Women should be confined to certain things (*cough *cooking, washing, * cough* cleaning, *cough*) and Men don’t have to do them coz’ it is not a Man’s Job” !! Such Men do not care to order you around all kinds of works, without even feeling guilty of not helping you! Such Guys may also believe women doesn’t have to be working or independent .,

13.the scared(y) cat

So, these Guys are so afraid of commitment! No matter how nice your relationship is, No matter how long you guys have been together, they never gain the courage to take the next step!!

14.the self absorbed egomaniac

He is just too obsessed with himself. He’s a confident ., In fact, too confident. He cares way too much about how he looks, his reputation, and being the center of the universe. He dislikes it if your opinion differs from his, because his opinion is truth. Honestly, he’s just exhausting to be around.

15.The penny-pincher

Unlike the free-loader, this guy will actually pay for his meal. He’s the type who will ask you out on a date, but then suggest you share the cost and may even take out a calculator for it. You can’t expect him to buy you flowers, or anything for that matter. It’s not that he can’t afford to take you to dinner and a movie, he’s just a cheapstake.

So, Those are all the Jerks I could think of!! If you think I’ve missed someone let me know in the comments section down below !!


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